" Multi-Function Beauty Equipment"

Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

1. Model:SE-011
2. Material :ABS + PC + alloy
3. Item Size:21X10.6X7 cm
4. Color:white,or customized color
5. Vibration frequency:10000rpm

1.Positive and negative ions: Based on the principle of anisotropic absorption of positive and negative charges, the deep pore fouling is deduced by biological current and thoroughly cleaned. The cosmetic ingredients are permeated into the substrate by ion introduction.
2.Vibration: Mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation are used to tighten human skin, increase its elasticity and enhance the metabolism of skin cells.
3.Warm heat: Warm heat massage promotes absorption, relaxes skin texture and makes skin more plump.
4.Cleaning and brightening mode: Cleaning deep pore garbage, laying a good foundation for follow-up skin care.
5.Nutrition introduction mode: fully introduce skin care products, enhance cell activity, dilute fine lines, nourish and rejuvenate skin.