Nano Sprayer SE-054

Nano Sprayer

Model: SE-054
Product name: Hot Mist Nano Facial Steamer
Material: ABS
Color: White
Rated Power: 300W
Rated Voltage: 110V-220V
Water tank Capacity: 65ml
Misting time: About 8 minutes.
Certification: CE/FCC/Rohs
Application: Home use/Travel/Office
Fuctions: Double Hot and cold mist spray, Dual skin care
Facial Cleaning: Nano positive ion&negative ion features
Deep Moisturizing: 10x penetration

1. Generate superfine nano scale hot steam in seconds, easily absorbed through skin, and moisturize skin more quickly;
2. Open and unclog your pores, allow you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin and can be used as an alternative to exfoliating scrubs and chemical peels;
3. Besides skin care, the steamer can also be used for interior humidifying in a powerful and efficient way;
4. This new facial steamer is a must for optimal skin care. A great alternative to harsh scrubs and soaps, using steam is an efficient and healthy way to cleanse pores;
5. Even after makeup removal and regular cleansing, the skin still has debris trapped underneath multiple layers. The Facial Steamer allows those layers to be accessed by using a nano ionic steam to open pores and purify skin from within