Nano mist sprayer

Handheld Nano Sprayer

Model: SE-090
Product type: Cold Mist Nano sprayer
Material: ABS
Water tank Capacity: 30ml
Color: Pink,White, transparent or customized
Power: USB Charging
Battery: 3.7V/450mAh
Spray amound of: 1.25-1.4/minutes
Size: 115×31×31mm
Certification: CE/ MSDS
Application: Home use/ Office/ Travel

You can add mineral water, milk, skin toner, alcohol, perfume and other water-soluble liquids
1. Nano-fine mist & wake up the skin: The cool facial steamer produces an ion mist less than 0.53μm. The ion mist quickly penetrates from the stratum corneum into the base layer, immediately replenishing moisture to the skin. Nano facial steamer will not damage cosmetics and can be used to care for the face, body, hair and other locations.
2. USB charging: This built-in 3.7V/450mAh lithium battery facial sprayer can be charged by USB (5V/1A).
3. Small size and easy to carry: This portable sprayer is only the size of a pocket, very convenient to carry, and can be comfortably placed in any handbag, purse, school bag or coat pocket.
4. Large-capacity visible water tank and color LED: a large water tank equipped with a 30ml facial sprayer to meet the needs of daily supplementary water.
5. Multi-skin care: Nano facial steamer is suitable for normal, oily, dry, mixed and sensitive skin types. The portable cool mist facial spray can help the skin restore youthful health, make the skin soft and elastic, and prevent signs of aging. The cool matte steamer can be used at any time for beauty, office, travel, sports, after sun exposure, etc., and provides you with some urgently needed daily care.
6. You can add 75% alcohol and carry it with you to disinfect your belongings. Strengthen safety protection

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